In the recent events of pandemic namely COVID – 19, all the effected industries seemed to be focusing on work from home or learn from home for the benefits of them and the employees. This has forced people to use one of the most popular remote conferencing software that is ZOOM. It provides features like chat and video sharing among the members of the meeting. But before using it do you think if the app is secure to use? Let’s find out.

Security has always been a major issue when it comes to registering your personal information on these third-party applications that you use in your everyday life. Zoom is one of the most reputed organizations that has conquered the market for quite a while. It was all because people thought it was safe to provide your personal information to use a particular application. 

Zoom is currently growing with more than 32 million users now, which is 19 times greater than the reports of a year ago all because of the recent awake of COVID-19. It’s on its way becoming of an icon itself after ‘Netflix’ in the TV show and ‘UBER’ in the ride business. But the biggest problem it comes with is how secure it is for you and your professional meetings. 

The problem at hand now is why the safety of Zoom cannot be trusted and why it should be replaced with an alternative. 

1. Zoombombing

This happened due to the open software specifications of Zoom that allows an outsider to come into the remote conferencing meeting and create a nuisance for joined members without revealing their identity. Afterall you can join a meeting just by writing your name and clicking the join button.

Since not everyone is so fond of working at their home but wanting to enjoy this quarantine as a holiday, people hijack sessions by joining anonymously with noise and sharing gross images. 

One of the educational YouTubers Von Glitschka was trying to teach how to work with adobe illustrator. Then he posted the link to his zoom call to his social media sites. Instead of his users getting some information from the call, some intruders took over the meeting and played some ‘neo-nazi’ thing over Youtube.

There have been too many zoombombings recently where if the host did not restrict the access, any anonymous person without revealing would hijack and take over to display pornography and disturbing images over the meeting.

2. Access camera and other apps without permission

Many other intrusions like zoom accessing the camera on the mac and other applications on windows have been spotted for some users and the marketing chief Janine Pelosi said Zoom is working on both the issues.

This was in regard to a developer found these changes happening in a mac and other users in windows which led to people doubting if they should have zoom in their system or not.

Many educational uploaders got hijacked anonymously while hosting the meeting. In some cases, the hackers even cause a screen freeze which causes the host to shut down their pc and restart to continue their work afterward by personally giving zoom links to people who specifically asked instead of giving it publically.

There are multiple options to avoid facing these problems while hosting a zoom meeting : 

1. The host can set up a virtual room for the members which is provided in the zoom app. Then the host can vet each one of them to let in the meeting.


As you can see above a person is waiting in the lobby and can only enter the meeting if I allow them to.

2. The host can set up a meeting lock after all participants expected to have joined the meeting. This can be enabled by clicking on “manage participants” on the zoom panel window, hit “participants” pane and click on “lock meeting”.

3. The host can manage and take control over who can share their screen over the meeting.


Zoom is currently in the development phase where they are rolling out bug fixes accordingly and upgrading their servers for new traffic every day. These are other alternatives you can try other than zoom:

1. Microsoft Teams

This is one the most premium video conferencing soft provided by Microsoft for its users. It not only provides a good user interface but good customer support too.

Microsoft Teams is a premium software specially designed for people working in teams. It not only provides a good option to chat and video connectivity but also scheduling a particular meeting which is helpful. Microsoft Teams is available for both your mobile and desktop.

Also if you are a college student, you can always check out the educational packages which can be taken through your organization and distributed to your personal use.

2. Google Hangouts Meet

This is another of the alternatives to zoom provides by Google. It has a very user-friendly interface to work with and also good customer care support. It also comes with a monthly price tag but given the UI, that is a fair price for the product they are offering.

You can also check out the free 30 day G suite trail for further details about what services they have to offer in their product.

There are alternatives from the most trusted organizations that you can go for instead zoom.

After these various accusations zoom has updated their security but users are still having a hard time getting to use it again. We hope to see good updates from zoom in the future with advanced user interface and response time.

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